Appalachian Trail

Day 155 – Rainbow Lake to The Birches

One day left now. Only the climb up Katahdin. 5.1 miles. 155 days since Springer Mountain and tomorrow will be the final day. Still very ready for the end, but I guess now I know that I will definitely miss being out here as well.

The day began with a torrid pace as Miranda and I pushed hard to cover the 11 miles to Abol Bridge as quick as possible. We had both completely exhausted our food bags after breakfast and a mid morning snack, and there was a real restaurant waiting at Abol. Needed time to eat, and still do 10 more miles after. We made it there before noon, no problem after getting a couple more looks at Katahdin on the way. First from Rainbow Ledges early in the day and then from right on Abol Bridge, the best view yet. Landon caught up to us just as we were on the last few tenths of trail before the road and we all ate together. The food was amazing, some of the best on trail, very surprising considering the location. Possibly the best mozzarella sticks ever, and a great burger. Also picked up the food I needed for my last trail meals – dinner tonight and breakfast and snacks for tomorrow.

We were super excited to be on the final 10 mile stretch before Katahdin after lunch. We crossed into Baxter Park and signed up for the thru-hiker shelter, and forded our last two streams. It was flat and mostly smooth and easy trail, a welcome change from the 100-mile wilderness terrain.

Everyone is enjoying our last evening on the trail. It’s a bit cold tonight and probably will be for the climb tomorrow, but the forecasts of rain that once existed for tomorrow have been updated to sunny skies. On the last mile or so into camp I could see Katahdin through the trees; it’s slightly intimidating because we don’t usually see what we climb ahead of time, and of course because this one is particularly steep. Well, its 9:30 and we are planning on being packs ready and on the trail by 7:00 so about time for bed. Gonna be a lot to write about tomorrow.

Douglas Labbe