Appalachian Trail

Day 151 - ??? to ???

From the books I had read and the stories I’d heard it sounded like many people spent the last few days before Katahdin wishing that the trail wouldn’t end. For me it’s quite different. The closer I get to that last day the more it feels like time is slowing down. I never got any real feelings of ready to quit / ready to be done in the middle of the trail like most people, but now I’m good and ready. Maine is rugged. The scenery is nice but the trail is endlessly rugged. Roots tangle together, intermingling with rocks to create an endless obstacle course for the feet.

Knocked off a few more little mountains today though, tomorrow features another group of four, most notably White Cap Mountain, the last significant climb before Katahdin, and also the place where we can see Katahdin for the first time. There was a nice bit of trail magic tonight – turns out there are a few old dirt roads out here – there was a cooler full of soda and a bag with a few pasta sides / ramen. Awesome to find ice cold mountain dew in the middle of the 100-mile wilderness after a tough day. Also, nice to be away from a shelter tonight and camping by a stream. Looking back, it’s hard to believe I spent so many nights in shelters – tenting is now much preferred. Time for some rest, another day closer tomorrow.

Douglas Labbe