Appalachian Trail

Day 150 - Monson, ME to ???

An excellent breakfast from the cooks at Shaw’s. You start with a pair of blueberry pancakes and while you eat those, they ask you to pick a number – whatever number you say is how many eggs you get cooked to order, as well as that many slices of bacon. Then there’s home fries and a sausage patty as well. Even with that and a stop by the post office we were back on the trail by 9.

We entered the 100-mile wilderness today. The final run to Katahdin. 100 miles without any civilization. There’s a sign warning those who enter to be fully prepare and to carry 10 days of food. Our packs were already loaded but there was a bit of food someone had left right on the sign. Snagged a couple of goodies to eat right away at lunch today – fresh blueberries and a KitKat bar. So far, the 100-mile wilderness lives up to its name – it feels different up here. Never hearing the sounds of nearby roads, or jets crossing overhead, no paved roads, no power lines – only the untamed wilds of Maine woodland.

Many more miles of rocks and roots and rough trails today. Three more water crossings needing to be forded. One had water rising above the knees briefly at the deepest point. It was kind of a day heavy on the ups and downs – there weren’t any big climbs but it was never flat. Roller coaster. Unfortunately, my shoulder issues that once seemed resolved by a new pack have been slowly returning but were seemingly accelerated today by the full bag of food. Luckily there are only five more days of carrying my pack left (don’t need to bring all the gear up Katahdin) and it’s going to get significantly lighter every day.

Tonight, we are finally less than 100 miles from the summit. In just two days we will get our first view of Katahdin in the distance. Hard to imagine that moment. Don’t think anything could stop me from that point on.

Douglas Labbe